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 Tips on Winter Riding on the Gulf Coast – Al Ochoa

After years of riding experience and research, I have developed a chart on what to wear and peel off on cold riding days:

 Note: If wind is 10-15mph, go one step lower on chart.  If wind over 15mph, go two steps lower. 



 60-70 (deg F)

  Un-Dee-Shirt (the one made by De Feet is the best)


  Add arm warmers or vest


 Arm warmers and vest; add wool socks or use liner socks as 2nd layer


 Add glove liner, shoe covers, knee warmers, and skull cap


 Change vest to wind jacket, cover ears with skull cap, and wear leg tights


 Winter gloves; long sleeve jersey or thermal shirt; face mask or baklava


 Gore-tex jacket; booties


 Go to IHOP and order a big cup of hot chocolate with your breakfast